phoenixsansfyr (phoenixsansfyr) wrote in little_details,

"Act of God" in school contract

Is it at all legal to, in the housing contract for a public state university, have something similar to the following clause:

"In the event the University is prevented from completing the obligations of this Contract by an act of God or any other occurrence beyond the control of the University, the University shall be excused from the performance of such obligations."

More specifically, I'm wondering about the mention of 'an act of God' - I wouldn't think that that would uphold in a court of law. I'm trying to come up with a legal-sounding, exclusionary-if-necessary contract for a nonfiction story, and basing it off of my University's contract is proving difficult.

EDIT: Sorry, I haven't posted here since the whole place/time update to the comm.
United States (where else would be bloody anal retentive about mentioning religion in legal jargon?), modern times.

Thanks to everyone who actually helped, instead of using little_details as an elitist community where people jump on other people.

Tags: usa: education: higher education

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