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What does one call the Top of a Tower?

I've googled and wikipediad till my eyes are bleeding. I *cannot* find a decent description (architecturally) of a Tower. Now I'd *like* it to be a Romanesque (500-1200 a.d.) tower -- but at this point, I'll take any bloody period I can find.

Specifically, I need to know what one calls the Top of the Tower. What the name is that one might use to describe where one might stand if one were on guard duty or wanting to look out over the lands/waters that one could survey best from the top.

Widow's Walk (that often iron fenced in top of a an ocean side home of a sailor) is both too late and not quite right. (thanks for that correction :>)

Thanks for any help anyone can point me at!
Tags: europe: history, ~architecture, ~middle ages

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