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Population growth?

I figure this question may fall under 'population science', but I'm drawing a complete blank on how to search out the math of the specific question I have in mind (and I SUCK at maths and things myself). So here goes.

Let's say you have a group of about 1000 people.

Give them three hundred years.

Fifty of those years they are in a confined place and need to keep reproduction low.

But after that, they go wild.

But after the two hundred and fifty years they have been living normal lives, how would their numbers have increased/decreased in that time from the original 1000? On average, best guess...?

These are a people with good medical care, but living in harsh and unfamiliar conditions and things like new diseases with no cures are a good possibility. Changes in environment may cause deaths of the very young and very old in the original 1000. There is no birth control or anything like that.

Any ideas? Am I being way too particular about this? I mean, it's kind of an important plot point, so I don't want to just pull a guess out of my ass
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