Colourblind (chenderson) wrote in little_details,

Gas/Oil in Victorian times

Context: this society is obsessed with machines, mechanics, clockwork. This is Art. Mechanics are artists. Architects are artists. Opticians are artists. Clockmakers are artists. Automata are the height of Art. Painters practice a very different kind of art - they aren't artists. This society is run by artists - mechanics, astronomers, architects, etc. Think a Victorian sort of society, but cleaner, more mechanized, and even more obsessed with gadgets. They've developed electricity, and use it to power some machines, but using electricity is like cheating, although it is done. Think of the digital artist who traces from photos; it's a similar issue.

Question: does this society have fossil fuel at all? (You can answer this question even if you don't know anything about it - what would you believe, after reading the context?) How do they get it - how exactly is it extracted from the ground, modified, used? I've tried to find out how Victorians got their gas for gas lamps or whatever, and how it was extracted and refined, but I'm getting modern technologies, and that isn't helpful. It also doesn't make much sense to me - I have pretty much no idea how any of this works even today, and what I've been able to find hasn't made it much clearer. Anything you can tell me about fossil fuel in and around the Victorian era would be a great help.

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