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Overstaying visa

I have a character who, for reasons that are way too complicated to explain without boring you all to tears, have overstayed her visa. The country she is from and the country she is currently in is not specified. It is fairly recent timewise, and although it's somewhat of an alternate universe I would be interested in information from bigger countries, like US and UK, just to figure out what an average proceeding looks like.

Anyway, she overstayed her visa, and now has to go back home to attend a funeral and take care of family stuff. I'm curious about the procedure when she gets to the airport. Anyone looking at her passport will be able to figure out that she is in the country illegally. Since she's leaving anyway, do they just let her get on the plane? Or will she be held by some sort of authorities for a while before being escorted to a plane to make sure she leaves the country?

Google tells me that she will have a hard time getting a new visa, which is understandable, but what I'm curious about is the actual process at the airport. Will she have to go in front of a judge to get legally deported? Will the people she was staying with get in trouble for letting her stay with them?

Thank you.
Tags: ~law (misc)

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