Paige Wright (writing_minutia) wrote in little_details,
Paige Wright

Sheltered Life/cooking

A couple of questions about living in a fall-out shelter (and related living):

1) Would the diseases be the only ones they brought in? (I mean germ wise- bacteria, viruses, etc. Obviously they can still have bodily dysfunctions)

2)A passing army unit- if this shelter was publicly known to have been stripped by the government and converted by the town into a museum, the town being of little/no strategic value, upon seeing the door closed, would the soldiers just assume the 3 staffs and 5 volunteers just closed it on their way out to preserve local history or would they try to break through the 14 inch, 2-ton doors?

3) I assume for shelter living you want to reuse everything you can, since there's no garbage or recycling programs now. Say the cook had made turkey stock, and used vinegar to get as many minerals into the stock as possible:

a)Would this make the bones brittle?

b)Any suggestions for what modern people would do to reuse the bones?

Thank you in advance!

Addendum: This war isn't nuclear. They want to kill the government, but I have decided they aren't going to go for killing the planet (and it takes too long for the place to be useful for them).

Tags: ~food and drink (misc), ~medicine: illnesses (misc)

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