Kya (pinkpapyrus) wrote in little_details,

Building in Space

How would one go about building a Stanford Torus model? More specifically, would construction be done entirely in space or would the basic frame and such be done on Earth and then raised into space? (I'd guess the former, because from what I've read, they make space stations in space.) I'm placing the model in one of the five Lagrange Points--probably L1 (Earth-Moon) because its position makes it ideal for obtaining lunar materials.

The story is set about a century in the future, and the model would be predominantly experimental--housing only scientists. On that note, what kind of professions would be included in the building? What kind of scientists? Astrophysicists? (Really, I'm new at scifi, or sci period. Even basic information would be massively appreciated.)
Tags: ~science: astronomy, ~technology (misc)

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