Blank (therosewilde) wrote in little_details,

Recovering from rape + guilt.

Eric was kept captive with two people he felt responsible for. All of them were badly mistreated, mentally and physically abused, and violated.

He feels that he's failed them. He thinks he should have been able to prevent himself from being attacked, and more importantly should have been able to shield the others.

He's basically... checked out. One of the men (Hugh) was his lover (They met in captivity, but fell in love) and he's trying to push him towards the guy who is taking care of them now (Liam) because he thinks Liam can protect Hugh where he couldn't. So now Hugh thinks Eric was only protecting him, and didn't love him.

But Eric has just gone blank. He's just quiet and staring, lost. He will respond if spoken to, but he's not "himself", he's kind of locked himself in his own mind to fret.

What can be done to help him? What sort of things could those around him (There is Liam, who he will take orders from and is dominant to him, his mate who is equal/submissive, and a much younger man who is lower in the order than him, plus a shrink who can be brought in.)

What do we do with him? I'm looking specifically for how a shrink would handle him, and what would be the best thing for Liam especially to do with him - Liam has some experience in working with survivors, though he's not usually as emotionally as involved he would have knowledge of what would help/harm.
Tags: ~sexual abuse & assault

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