Christine D. (snowflakie06) wrote in little_details,
Christine D.

Police Officer given hard time when trying to get answers (US)

This sort of has to do with my last post.

A doctor has come out to the family and said Son 1 died so the family is upset and trying to deal with their loss. Meanwhile, a police officer comes over and tells the family that he has to talk to Son 2 about what happened because Son 1's friends are drunk and Son 2 was there for part of the time. The mother has lashed out at the officer saying that this is the wrong time and he needs to leave them alone to deal with their grief.

The police officer is very understanding of their need to grieve and their situation, but would he let that get in the way of doing his job and trying to get answers about what happened or would he press Son 2 for answers? And if he didn't try to get answers that night, when would be an appropriate time for him to contact Son 2?

Thanks in advance!

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