Allana (glam_ang) wrote in little_details,

Victorian Questions

I'm researching for a rather epic story set in Victorian London – the year I'm aiming for is 1890 – and I've run up against a few questions. Hope someone out there can help me before I completely tie myself in knots!

1. How long would it take to travel from San Francisco (USA) to London (UK) in 1890? As this is before the Trans-Siberian railway was completed, I've ruled out taking a ship to Russia and then going overland through the Russian territories and Europe to reach England. That leaves (unless I'm missing something) crossing America via lots of small railroads and coaches and then taking a steamship. Any thoughts on how long this would take, would be welcomed with open arms.

2. Opium Dens. In London, were the opium dens kept separate to brothels? The villain will have a fondness for opium which I'm hoping to exploit, along with a weakness for prostitutes. Would be handy to have them both in the same place. Any info on male prostitutes would also come in handy.

3. Communication. In 1890, how would you get a message from San Francisco to Europe?

Thank-you very much!

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