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Doomsday Cults, Mass Suicide, and Criminal Liability

This requires a little background, so please bear with me.

I've got a doomsday cult set up in a small town in Georgia. It's already under suspicion for the usual doomsday cult things: stockpiling weapons, terrorism, child abuse, and general wackiness.

The doomsday nutjobs see a movie, a kind of fake news broadcast, produced locally with no budget. The Norse gods have returned, Ragnarok has hit, and Our Fair Town is slated for destruction in a few hours. There's a countdown clock for the end of the world, that sort of thing. (It's very War of the Worlds, as in the Orson Welles radio production that caused such a panic.)

Assuming that the movie included several "This is a work of fiction" disclaimers and those involved did everything else to cover themselves, will they be charged with anything when the crazies drink their cyanide and Kool-Aid just a few minutes before the "Ragnarok Clock" winds down?

Does it make any difference if the people who wrote the script are minors at the time? If it's only adults that die, and no children, does that make it better for the script writers?

Basically, I want to know just how much trouble those involved with the movie are facing once the doomsday cult does its doom thing. This isn't the main plot, it's just the background, and I'm trying to skip forward past any sticky legal matters.
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