rednotebooks (rednotebooks) wrote in little_details,

Causing a one-house-only power outage

I'm writing a story where my MC's neighbor has gone completely Christmas nuts and has covered his house in a lot of lights. There are also several other electricity based annoyances outside his house, pretty much anything camp that blinks, moves or/and makes lots of noise. And it's driving my MC completely nuts and she wants to do something, anything to stop this.
So the idea is that she tries to and somehow it results in her cutting his power. To the plotline it doesn't really matter if the power outage is deliberate or not.
Anyways my question is: do you know a way cut the power of an house without being a electrician and without hurting yourself? And if you can be outside the house while doing this that helps too.
And it needs to only take the power of that house, none of the other in the neighborhood.
The story is set in the Eastern part of America and.. well, I'm not, I'm European. So if you have links or anything that might help it would be really appreciated as I have no idea where to start. But a play by play as to how this could happen would be even better.

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