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Being PC and UN-PC about race in present day Britain

A question for you Britishers.

My character is a London musician of about thirty, didn't finish a university education. Grew up in Wood Green, but his parents bought the house before the prices rose.

He has a girlfriend of a mixed racial background, mostly West-Indian.

How would he refer to her background? Would he call her black, or colored, or West-Indian, other, or wouldn't he mention it at all?
How would his parents talk about her – in her face, and behind her back with other people of their generation?
How would his (white) mates talk about her – and how would they do this when totally pissed?

She has a finished university education and works for a university. How would she refer to her race, if at all?
How would her parents refer to their race, if at all? How would they talk about white people when none were present?

Thank you guys in advance for trying to answer these!

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