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Family law/custody

Chances are I'm not looking in the right places or I'm overlooking things. But I've been looking (still am right now, actually) for several months and I'm not getting anywhere. I have two problems, both that have to do with child custody.

One is for a role play. I just want general information on what to do so I don't need country/state specific information since it's just between a friend and I. At fifteen, my character impregnated a girl (she was fourteen, I believe). She kept the child and her family helped take care of them. They moved out of the city. I have it down that the father paid child support (he's from an extremely wealthy family) but I'm not totally sure if that's plausible because of his age. (I've been getting different things from people.) Correct me if I'm wrong. He has maybe seen his son once, if not ever. Anyway, over the next eight years the girl's family ends up dying. Her father sick and in the hospital in the capital city, so she and her son moves back there, where my other character lives. She has cancer and, well, dies after her father. (Very unlucky family.) So the main part of it is, I wanted the boy's father to take him in. He's already acknowledged that he was his son. The father's 23 by now, the boy's 8. The boy has nowhere else to go.  How would he go about getting custody of his son? What would he have to do? Where would he be put in the meantime? And how long would this take?  Like I said, I don't have to have specific information, I just need ideas and things to do to get this all set.

My second thing is for an actual story and I have a specific place. Story takes place in Boston, MA. There's an eighteen year old and his 16 year old sister. Their mother's dead and their father was just killed. Obviously I'm going to have to look into wills, inheritance, insurance, all that good stuff. I want my 18 year old to get custody of his sister but everywhere I look just tells me about adoption, dead-beat dads, step parents and things that really just don't help. So what would he have to do to get custody?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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