Dùlin (lomelinde_sama) wrote in little_details,

Scorpion ... stings !

I'm never gonna stop thanking whoever created this community ...

Well, I happen to have two related questions ...

1) What species of scorpions are commonly found in the Western parts of Sahara ? I would need a quite dangerous variety, but on the condition that a rapidly treated wound would not be lethal.

2) One of my character in the story is a vet. He comes from a big city and usually has the ordinary clientele of cats and dogs and other exotic pets (since he lives in japan), but also happens to take care of bigger animals because he is the vet for the lcal zoo, and his sister lives in a circus and calls him in whenever the animals have a problem. So he knows his stuff. Now, this vet is travelling in aforementioned desert with a caravan composed of dromedaries. What would happne if a scorpion stinged a dromedariy's foot, and how would our vet treat it, knowing that he doesn't have access to more than basic human first aid-supplies ? (the rest of what the caravan transports is not usable in this context)

Thanks !!
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