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Facial Scarring - Burns + Dye

You know the drill - a character needs to be disfigured, so I come here. :D I have a few questions.

I've searched for various scarring techniques and burns, but it hasn't yielded many results; most tribal scarring techniques involve deep cuts rather than the wide, shallow wounds I'm looking for, and while I now know what to do if I suddenly sustain third-degree burns while living out in the forest, I haven't found any information on how to make them turn blue.

My character steals a griffin egg and is punished in the traditional way: the entire right side of his face is burnt and the wound rubbed with blue dye, leaving a distinctive mark to warn others. After a while, he is removed to another culture, where people go "OMGWTF BLUE FACE" rather than "OMGWTF THIEF," but that's not important.

So, is it plausible that a coloured scar can be achieved by rubbing pigment into an area of burnt skin?

Secondly, how deeply would they have to burn to leave such a scar, and what would the effects be? The world doesn't have much at all in the way of medical technology, although they have some plants that battle infection up to a point; I'm guessing that he'd have to deal with some infection, dehydration, etc. He's twelve years old and fairly healthy, and they take care of their punished criminals. I'd like him to survive the burning, considering that he's the main character and I already have one snarky telepathic corpse hanging around in the background, but I'd also like some of the effects of this sort of wounding for realism. If they use indigo as the dye, would that cause any undue problems? And the scar goes over the eye socket - would he lose the eye, or go half-blind, or would he have some chance to retain his sight?

And finally, considering that this character is twelve and dark-skinned, what would the scar actually look like after a few months? I'm assuming that it would be puckered and seamed and, well, blue, and that it would affect the movement of his mouth on that side; would there be any other distinctive features, like wrinkling or cracking or fluroescent spots or bright green lightning bolts?

I don't think I can phrase those questions so that they look any less pointless, so I'll leave them in your capable hands. Thankyou for the help, and Happy New Year everyone!

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