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Royal Air Force Bases near Cardiff, Wales

Yes, I've asked some pretty eclectic stuff on here. Thank you very much in advance, O brave UKers, for this one...

I need a Royal Air Force Base near (preferably very near) Cardiff, Wales. One where an American Air Force plane (the big ones, like the Hercules type, that can carry cargo and people, as opposed to jets) could land if they were carrying a VIP who needed to get to Cardiff as fast as humanly possible. I've looked up RAF bases near Cardiff, and found the following: Alconbury, Wyton, St. Athan (this one was mentioned specifically as being near Cardiff, so it seems promising), and Kinloss, but finding out what kind of international planes could land at each, if any, and which of them would be the best choice for it has proven very difficult. Any suggestions, corrections, or other help would be most greatly appreciated.

And yes, yes indeed, this is for Torchwood fanfic. There's this thing about gloves...

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