The Wanderer (magic_wanderer) wrote in little_details,
The Wanderer

Diamonds Inplanted

I'm writing a short story and it's a bit James Bond - I've had an idea for a character, but I imagine it's a no go for being too improbable. He would be known by the nickname "Diamondheart" as he's had a very large and ridiculously expensive diamond surgically implanted in his body, presumably his chest. Now I imagine the body would reject a large chunk of diamond, but just to check, could I get away with it? Are there any caveats that might mean he had a particularly robust body that wouldn't force it out somehow? Is there any room for a diamond at all, and how big could it be (with corresponding value)?

He could be a really big man perhaps?

Also, there's a plan to steal the diamond by attacking him and slicing it out with a knife. Is there any chance that, shock and blood loss aside, the diamond could be placed somewhere in his torso so it could be taken in such a way but give him a slim chance of survival?

Thanks for any comments/advice...

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