lindsay m. shrift (lin_tin_tin) wrote in little_details,
lindsay m. shrift

Fiberglass insulation: harmful if swallowed?

Ok, you know that spun-glass pinkish insulation stuff that looks a little like cotton candy? I'm having a hard time finding what would happen if you (or, more likely, a small child -- toddler-age) tried to eat it. I got some pretty stern warnings about this stuff when I was little -- and it's glass, so I know it's not going to be harmless -- but all I can find on Google are articles about people inhaling trace amounts and getting lung problems, or swallowing trace amounts, and the information that fiberglass will "cause temporary stomach irritation if swallowed." Now, I imagine that it would be pretty scary if a baby actually tried to eat a handful of the stuff, but I can't find any details, either of what the harm would look like or what treatment would be. You'd definitely have to go to the hospital, right? Any thoughts?

Keep in mind this is a very small child -- about a year old. The insulation sheets are just sort of piled up on the back porch-- very irresponsible, I know!

Thank you very much in advance!

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