Ten little bullets in my hand (10littlebullets) wrote in little_details,
Ten little bullets in my hand

Maps of pre-Haussmann Paris.

Now, this map of Paris in 1843 is wonderful for my purposes--or would be if I could read it. I downloaded the high-resolution version and it's possible to make out the pattern of the streets, but it's still illegible. One of my old professors had a similar map dating from about a hundred years later and it covered an entire wall of the classroom; obviously a scan hi-res enough to be legible would be completely impractical. So if no one has a super-huge version of it, perhaps I could ask for specific sections?

1. The Latin Quarter, in particular around the old Place Saint-Michel (not the Place du Pont-Saint-Michel, which is where the modern Place Saint-Michel is located)
2. The area between Saint-Merry and the Hotel de Ville
3. The area surrounding Les Halles (Not as important; I already have a blurry closeup of this, probably from the same map)
4. The Boulevard des Invalides and the rough triangle formed to the right of it on the map

If someone has those from a different map, it's fine too, as long as the map is from before Haussmann went and changed everything around. 1820s-1840s is best.

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