the catherd (paradoxhorizon) wrote in little_details,
the catherd

Medical and legal jargon.

Well, I've completely failed at Googling a couple of phrases for a thing I'm writing, so I turn to you great folks.

1. There's a sort of autopsy report thing one of the characters is looking at and so I need the proper medical way to say a character died of a bullet to the brainpan. (More specifically, he was shot in the forehead between the eyes.)

2. I currently have one character, a lawyer of sorts, saying, in regards to the possibility of losing her client's case, "I certainly hope not. That would ruin my rating/score/thingie."Obviously that sentence needs some work. Is there a more lawyerly way of saying she doesn't want to lose the case for that sort of reason? If not, I'll just play with the dialogue until it sounds less stupid, but I would really like to throw some legalese around.


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