sarraceniaceae (sarraceniaceae) wrote in little_details,

A question about sex

I'm...actually not trying to write a lemon, but the character I'm writing is in sort of an awkward position here. And since he's male, and I'm a female virgin, I can't exactly write from experience.

He's in the middle of masturbating, when someone is teleported into his bathtub. He's going to try to hide the fact that he was masturbating (since he'll have a little warning, but how long should it take for his erection to subside? And what sort of giveaways will there be? Keep in mind that he's very attracted to the person who's teleported into his bathroom, but he is also very very good at concealing his emotions. Would a fairly naive fifteen year old boy plausibly be able to tell that he was just masturbating?

Thank you for helping.
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