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Defecting to the United States

I've found a great deal on people who have defected to the States (and other countries), many thrilling stories of the defections themselves, etc. What I have found far less of is the protocol on what happens after that defection.

What I'm actually dealing with are high-ranking Soviet military characters defecting and seeking political asylum in 1984, with the Cold War still on. The information I have turned up lets me know that a) they would have had a very lengthy debriefing process by the American government, CIA and so forth; and b) that it's likely they would have been given new names/identities, not unlike the witness protection system.

But I'd also like to know what goes on after the debriefing process is over, especially if the characters have no interest in continuing to be involved in consultant work for the CIA or that sort of thing-- they just want quiet civilian lives. Would the American government have given them financial resources to live such lives? Assistance in finding a home/jobs/social acclimation/et cetera? I'm doubting they're just shoved out onto the street with a "Hey, thanks for defecting, see ya," but I'm curious as to just how far aid would have extended.

Just to clarify: they were high-ranking officers, and the information they've given has been very useful and valuable to the American side-- so it's fair to say the US would be in a grateful mood, inasmuch as governments are grateful.

Thanks to everyone in advance!

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