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New York City in the 1980s

I spend hours reading through Wikipedia but am kind of overwhelmed with the amount of material, yet nothing gives me what I need for my story (what I need is a twenty year old travel guide, I guess...), so I hope this community might help.

In my story (which is alternate history by now, but that doesn't matter too much) the 19yo protagonist comes into New York City in July 1984 to do an internship at a large financial firm in Manhattan. She has a tiny rental apartment, I imagine some "I want to be a Yuppie when I grow up"-place in not-too-brilliant condition, commutes to work by subway and tries very hard to appear professional and not like some backwater yokel. She has some experience in travelling, but grew up somewhat sheltered in Northern Europe.

My questions are: Where would she likely live? (Bonus points for estimates how long it will take her to commute to work by subway.) How would the place look like? How much would it cost? What areas would she be told to stay away from? Would the city in general be dangerous, i.e. is it likely that she'll get into some threatening or uncomfortable situations? She is interested in music, shopping, and meeting people, where is she likely to go in her free time?

In addition to that, all kinds of details and impressions would help! I watched "Highlander" and "Desperately Seeking Susan" to get some images into my head but I have no idea if my protagonist would encounter those sceneries.

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