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Strychnine poisoning

I looked in the tags and didn't see anything on this, nor did I find anything in Google that answered my particular question - although I did find a lot of helpful information. Basically, I want to kill my character off with strychnine poisoning. I would have preferred something not as - dramatic, but I wiki'd and couldn't find a poison that would act as quickly as strychnine appears to (then again I'm not a poison expert, so if you have suggestions of quicker acting, not as dramatic poisons please share). The character is about 5'11 and 195 to 200 pounds; how much strychnine would he have to ingest to die within a relatively short period of time? I'm saying twenty minutes at the max.

Also, I've seen that people who consume strychnine are said to have a garlic like odor on their breath, but would they be able to taste it as well? Would it actually taste garlic-y? Wiki says its one of the most bitter substances in the world; what could the murderer possibly do to conceal the taste? Could s/he put it in the victim's food or drink, and have him be none the wiser?

I've also looked up descriptions of the physical symptoms - spasming, convlusions, opisthotonos, impeded respiration, etc. But what would a person experiencing these symptoms be thinking? Would they even be thinking, or would their brain have shut down due to the pain? Is a person completely conscious and aware as this is going on? I'm also assuming death occurs when the person asphyxiates.

Does the victim's body often "freeze" in the state of opisthotonos? Or could the body "freeze" in a different more-convenient-for-the-author position? :P

And finally, what would this look like to the outside observer? Epileptic? Jerky? Spasmodic?

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

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