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12th century food for nobles

I've searched through google, wikipedia, and sources I've found in other posts in this community, but I really need some feedback and maybe a point in the right direction.

The setting is 12th century England, and central to the story is honey being mixed into porridge, or a porridge-like dish. From what I've read, porridge wasn't really part of the nobleman's diet, as they could eat their grains/cereals in more pleasant ways. My questions:

  1. Am I accurate in thinking that porridge isn't something noblemen would bother eating?

  2. Would frumety (which I realise is a wheat porridge), made to the standard of the 'Norman overlords' as detailed on the webpage, be more appropriate? If so, considering what's in the richer dish, would pouring honey into the frumetry make it absolutely disgusting?

What I'm looking for is something upper-class English nobles would eat for dinner, and something they can stir honey into to sweeten it and (bonus points) possibly change its colour.

As a side note, I was originally going to use jam but my understanding is that jam was not introduced into Europe until the 15th-16th centuries.

Sources used that may be useful to others:

Stefan's Florilegium Archive
Stefan's Florilegium: Brakng-t-fast-art
Stefan's Florilegium: puddings-msg Recipes (frumenty)

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