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Crow hunting, supersonic aircraft, small children making bullets and ice ages (sort of)

Damn I haven't seen this place in awhile. I missed the awesome. D:

And now I have queeestions!

First off, I know you can, in fact, literally eat crows and that generally all people bother with is the breast meat which comes in lime-sized lumps. What, exactly, does crow taste like, and is it worth it to pluck the rest of the bird if you're hard up for food?

Is it also possible to shoot them with a gun other than a shotgun or just so difficult to be a waste of ammunition rather than something productive? I have no knowledge of bird hunting aside from "point gun at bird, pull trigger and hope you hit something".

World setting is afflicted with a minor...ish global ice age and typically has snow on the ground, Lots of Rocks and the occasional stand of mutant evergreen trees.

How much damage does breaking the sound barrier or moving at supersonic speeds do to the aircraft? Presuming most of this is in straight flight (the character involved typically carries the post between isolated regions), what would she have to do to reinforce the aircraft against falling apart, seeing as she's sonic-boom happy? In stunt flight and most dogfights, the aircraft is also high performance; would these modifications have any effect on its maneuverability?

Fuel isn't an issue in this case.

The aircraft is "alive", technically; it can repair minor damage to itself (sloooowly) and graft similarly minor modifications to itself, if this helps any. The machine is not sentient, though it does possess an animal-like artificial intelligence.

Seeing as most of this world is essentially an organized government vacuum, a lot of factions are vying for power, which sucks up most of the resources and manpower, relegating normally nontraditional jobs to those left, such as female miners and, obviously, children making munitions and weapons, or at least helping to do so.

What processes are involved in making bullets and cartridges, assuming a slightly advanced modern technology level (higher in some places, though scattered), and is it logical for a child to learn or be able to operate them?

What about making guns? Hand-assembled or machine-made?

What would cause a minor ice age on the scale of turning a formerly desert-dominated planet to a sort of snow-covered tundra-like environment? Would there be permafrost? Severe blizzards? What effects would this have on the ecology of the few temperate and tropical regions, and, given advanced technology capable of mass genetic tinkering, is the prevention of a massive die-off of plant and animal life possible?

If not, what would be left, and would it be enough to allow a decimated human population to recover globally?

Along similar lines, what kind of short term events would trigger said ice age? I'm looking for effects that would go to work under a hundred years or so; perhaps a supervolcano eruption?

The former two questions are mostly for backstory information, but I'm anal about these kinds of things. D:

Forgive the stupid that may have unintentionally surfaced; I'm asking about these things so I look less stupid later. D:

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