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Conditions causing leg weakness

Tonight I was suddenly struck by a character for a story who only has a minor role to play but I'm incredibly anal about these things and I want to get her back story right.

She is in a wheelchair but uses crutches (and presumably leg braces) around the house/for short periods of time.

At first I was thinking that this could have been caused by some sort of paralysis but the problem is I don't want it to affect anything other than her legs (from maybe her mid-thigh/knees down if possible, if not including her hips) but paralysis will affect her bladder, kidneys, etc. and I'd rather it was just weakness in her legs instead of a full blown spinal injury. Although if that is to be the case I'd imagine the injury would occur between T10 and S3 (Woo Hoo! for Google!). What might cause this region of the spine to be injured?

As I realised that what I was actually looking for was conditions that might cause lower limb weakness or paralysis (Ugh! I'm starting to sound like one of those medical journals now!) I began Googling that but to no avail. I simply don't know enough about it to understand what I'm being told.

So, now I turn to you. What diseases, illnesses or accidents might cause some sort of weakness (or paralysis) of the legs (without affecting the torso and it's organs too badly)? I'm thinking something which would have happened at around the age of 10, though if there's something that could have happened when she was younger I'm open to anything.

Thanks in advance.

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