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I have asked something similar to this in the past but I did not completely ask what I needed to ask, so I apologize. This one is more specific. I actually spent a couple hours searching and searching for information on this, and maybe I am just really dense, but I didn’t find much.
Setting: present day U.S., non-religious family
1. When someone is cremated (assuming the actual cremation takes place shortly after the viewing/service, on the same day), how long is it until the remains are turned over to the family?
2. Two part question: if the remains are ready very soon (for example, within a day or so), is it acceptable for the family to delay getting them for a couple days until they are personally ready to take possession? And in order to get them, is it an option for the family to go directly to the crematorium to pick them up, or are there other methods?
3. There’s really no incredibly polite way to ask this, so I’m sorry: what kind of ‘package’ are the remains in? Like, maybe, a box, a velvet bag type thing… I know there are urns, but this is where another question comes in: there are two people, a mother and a son, who will be receiving an equal share of the remains. It can be assumed that one portion will be saved, probably in an urn, while the other portion will be scattered. Would it be possible to receive half of the remains in an urn, and the other half in some kind of small box or bag?
4. And for one last awkward question, about how much of an average sized person is left after the cremation process? Is it even logical to think that the remains can easily be divided between two people?

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