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Question about kids and teen moms

Okay, so this should be a pretty easy question to answer, except I don't know anything about kids, which is why I'm asking. Basically, I need any and all info on the average girl child from pregnancy to approx 7years (the mother character is seventeen). Would there be anything special about the delivery if the mother is a minor? How long does the hospital keep a newborn and teenage mother, how tall does the average girl-child grow each year, when do girls typically teeth, walk, potty-train, talk, start preschool, get weaned off milk to mushy foods, start eating solid foods, start talking in sentances instead of verb-noun ex. "want ball!", learn to read, be able to read well, last baby tooth out by, that sort of stuff. Also a few childhood sicknesses (maybe cholic and chickenpox?) - when do kids usually get them, symptoms, treatments, etc. Any info is helpful. Thank you!
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