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English-Irish relations: Napoleonic wars and WWII

Two different stories, but same topic:
How were British-Irish relations during and a few years after 1)The Napoleonic Wars and 2)WWII
(Can you tell I like writing about the British?)
1)How would the feelings be on both sides (Irishman and English) if an Irish young man (approx. 17) joined the British army? The British Navy? Would there be high tensions? Could things get violent? I'm researching before I write, so feel free to come up with your best senario.
2)How would the local people feel about an Irish boy (early teen in the beginning of the story, about 17 at the end) living in a small village in rural England. (Check my last post for the general story: http://community.livejournal.com/little_details/1320182.html)
I would kind of like for things to be so bad that the Irish guy gets killed, if possible (if not, I can always try and think up an accident for him, but I really would prefer murder. morbid, I know) Same as above question with high tensions, etc.
I really appreciate every answer I get, and any "little details" or tidbits you might want to add. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Wow, this is great! Lots of answers that I can really use. The boys are both probably going to be Catholic, and I should have mentioned that they're strongly opinionated, and poor (which leads them to working for the British).

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