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Napoleonic era British Army recruitment

I'm sure I come to you folks for help far more than I should do. I'm sorry.

I have just learned an important lesson about not writing things before I've done any research. I know (or at least have found out) a good deal about the way(s) that the British Army recruited people, but unfortunately none of it is really that relevant to my situation.

EDIT: I'm deleting the questions that were here before because I've realised (and had confirmed by sollersuk) that I'm going about things completely the wrong way.

In light of this, I have a new but still related question.

Where would new recruits get their uniforms from? Would the recruiting sergeant have them, or would they have to go somewhere else?

Also, since this was the only bit of my previous question that I still have unanswered, where would new recruits' training take place?

EDIT 2: Thanks folks- I think I'm answered now.


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