Kat (wolf_of_kromer) wrote in little_details,

Hee, I finally have somewhere to ask about technical stuff XD. Anyway, on to the questions:

1. Gunshot wounds - Would someone who gets shot pass out right away, would they even pass out at all? While at the hospital, would there be a window of opportunity for someone to visit him after he's been through surgery without anyone noticing? (If not, I have an excuse for that) would the person be drugged, or would the drugs just knock him out cold? What about recovery? How soon would they be able to go home?

2. How about someone stealing drugs from a hospital? How hard would it be? Or could I simply have a couple be daring and go make-out wherever they keep the drugs, have the doctor part of the couple get called off and just have the other steal it? And that raises the question on whether the drugs are locked up in cabinets or carefully guarded?

3. Is there a procedure in boarding schools for snowstorms? It's a Boarding-Day school which means some of the students are from the areas around the school. I have this character who is sticking around with his friend(who lives in the dorms) in the school library, the weather outside grows wilder and it progresses into a snowstorm. The town is having other problems to deal with like the power going out and other things of the like, can I presume that the students caught at the school who don't live in the dorms can just wait it out over night? And just have buses come by to take everyone home the next day?

4. Would it be completely out there to have a boarding school be an old mental hospital? Just for the school to have a history not for haunting purposes.

5. And lastly, if someone were to drop out of medical school in their fourth year, just how much "medical training" would they have? Would they know how to treat anything?

Thank you in advance! I'm so glad I stumbled across this community!
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