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Amount of bail set in the US

I'm looking to find out what the average amount of bail set for a certain crime in the US of today. I'm finding this very difficult to research since the entire concept of bail is very strange to me. Some help with search keywords would be good, too. Anyway, I did google stuff like "amount of bail" and I mostly found out that bail is usually set within the discretion of the court, taking into consideration various factors. I also found the Bail Reform Act, but trying to weed through that is defeating me.

So, assuming the person is someone of good standing, no criminal record, first time offender, moderately wealthy (not terribly rich, but with a good and steady income), no fear of him skipping out, he doesn't even seem like someone who'd do such a thing at all, how high would the bail usually be for these crimes:

1) Breaking and Entering
2) Shoplifting
3) Assault and Battery
4) Drug Possession
5) Soliciting
6) Bigamy (don't know, do you go to jail for that and will there be bail?)
7) Murder (can you even get bail there?)

Thanks a lot!
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