Blank (therosewilde) wrote in little_details,

Reporting a crime as a victim in England, 2006.

I've managed to find little bits about people's rights, but not what actually happens.

I have three characters, all grown men, who need to report that they were held against their will for varying lengths of time (on and off for a couple of months for one, just shy of 2 years for another), drugged, and sexually assaulted.

What I need to know:

Could they phone up and report it, and have a police officer come to their house to speak with them? Or would they have to come down to the station.

When they are speaking to the officer, either in their house or in the station, would they be allowed to stay together as long as they didn't interfere with eachother's statements? Failing that, could they have a friend sit in with them, rather than a lawyer?

When they have signed a statement, would they be allowed to simply go home, or would they have to wait around some more?

And finally - what "rank" (not certain that is the word) of police man would they talk to - for example, woudl he introduce himself as Officer Smith, Detective Smith, Inspector Smith?

Thank you.

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