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Where do you park a horse-drawn carriage?

So you're going out to a restaurant equivalent... Your carriage driver lets you off... Where does he go with the horses and carriages?

What about a setting where one might be inclined to dally with a house's lady of negotiable virtue for a few hours -- or even a night? Would something like that have its own stables, or do you send your driver and carriage back to your own home and have him pick you up later (or catch a hired carriage in the morning)?

I've found some fascinating URLs...

...but I haven't been able to figure out where carriage-owners might have parked their "cars" when they expected to be some time in a place of business.

EDIT: Fantasy setting, drawing on various sources, but probably in the Regency Romance sort of "feel." At least for the horse-and-carriage aspects. (Also, at the moment, coming into winter; it's cold out!)

EDIT2: Fantastic! Thank you all! (And anyone else who comments, for that matter. This is great.)

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