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Myspace scene kids and groups like Gloomy Train

I am rather new to Myspace and interested in possibly writing about some of the subculture around its use by teens but I am not very familar with the phenomenon of scene kids who belong to these groups which seem to have no purpose aside making certain they are added as friends by as many people as possible. That all such kids seem to follow the same fasion style is also interesting. I am interested in several aspects of this:

1) How do their online portrayals function vs. their real lives?

2) How did terms like "murder" become so popular in this subculture (i.e., I am Mike so I might be "Mike Murder" on my SN on there . . . you're apparently rather fortunate to get an "M" name which may coorespond with muder . . . )

3) What do those odd post-nomial letters mean as in names such as: "Scotty Sunday [VIP][AN]"

4) What are the "joining" groups about (if anything other than adding friends) such as "Gloomy Train" . . . btw, "Gloomy Train" is such a great name for . . . anything! I love it!

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