The Dystopian (the_dystopian) wrote in little_details,
The Dystopian

TATP bombs.

I've chosen triacetone triperoxide as the explosive of choice for the terrorists in my novel Stalingrad 99. It's the perfect combination of a) ease of manufacture, b) lack of detectability and c) extreme danger. It's also unstable enough to pose a danger to the bombers themselves, which is an integral part of my plot.

If anyone out there is a chemist, or has tips about home-brewing a batch of TATP, drop me a line. So far, I've been able to find information on TATP's base ingredients (e.g. drain cleaner, bleach, acetone), but not exact information about the ratios of each of these ingredients, or about the temperature that has to be maintained for TATP to be (relatively) stable. For example, if one of my characters was carrying a TATP bomb in a backpack or on a vehicle, how would they store the bomb so that it wouldn't go off ahead of schedule? TATP is, apparently, highly sensitive to both heat and shock.

I'm also interested in knowing any tell-tale signs that might indicate that a kitchen or a house is being used to make TATP. Would there be an acrid smell coming from the premises, for example?

Thanks in advance. If you feel uncomfortable about sharing your knowledge of explosives in a public forum, please email me privately at the_dystopian[at]

Oh, and -- I'm not asking these questions for any sinister purpose, I promise. *is vaguely embarrassed*
Tags: ~explosive & explosions

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