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Contemporary British Army Uniforms/Units

So, either I'm not Googling this correctly, or I'm confusing myself (take your pick, I prefer thinking that it's both).

So here's what I have. A group of people, that have been kidnapped, and stashed in an underground base. For several reasons, they cannot leave yet, and are stuck there. However, they have a large supply of dead bodiesBritish soldiers in fatigues.

What I need to know is several fold:

1 - Would the patch on the shoulder of this soldier's uniform be standard on domestically based soldiers?
2 - Pursuant to number 1; if that wouldn't be possible, what would there be on the uniform (patches/whatever) that would stand out and make the characters go "OMGWTF?! THEY'RE BRITISH?!" since that's the reaction I need. (They're all laymen, so it'd need to be pretty prominent.)
3- If it is regiment specific; what regiment might possibly be used for a covert operation (they're just guarding a covert base on Scottish soil, not actually running the black operations) and what patch would they wear?


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