ravelda (ravelda) wrote in little_details,

Kitsune questions

I've heard that kitsune (Japanese fox-spirits) use nicknames around humans, because their true names can be used to control them, like British faeries. Is this true? What sort of name might a kitsune have? Also, I'd like to know more about the children of kitsune fox-wives and mortal men. Particularly the mostly human ones with magical powers. Can they change into foxes? I've read the Wikipedia article on kitsune, and done a fair bit of Googling, only to find conflicting information. Edited to add: Thanks for all the links! I'm going to stick to older kitsune folklore, though I'm pondering slight tweaks for my character. This half-kitsune boy can change into a fox, but his mother hasn't taught him much more magic. He's fond of tofu, especially abura-age. I'm also considering the true name bit, because it works with my story, and nowhere does it say kitsune don't have true names.

Tags: japan: folklore

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