Dave (strawberrycocoa) wrote in little_details,

I'm looking up colleges that have major programs in mechanical engineering, and I'm trying to decide which one is best for one of the characters in my webcomic to have attended (it's in her past, and not really a key element at all, but durnit I'd like to be accurate about it if I'm going to name a real place, and she will have to name it when her flashback comes into play way down the line).

Google shows me MIT, Purdue, all the way to Georgia Institute of Technology and Oklahoma University. I don't know how to tell the top-of-the-line ones from the crummy ones, though.

I'm looking for one that is somewhat below MIT and Purdue, but still has a good solid program, and would look nice on applications. The character in question is very intelligent and good with machines, but earthy and very much a get-her-hands-dirty type. She wanted to design cars and trucks, but given a choice would rather take a (radiator for example) apart to see how she could improve it than pore over it's design specifications. I don't see her choosing a high-end place like MIT, but she would definitely want to go to school somewhere with a serious mechanical engineering program. Something that would get her ready to start building a better pick-up.

Any ideas?
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