ayesakara (ayesakara) wrote in little_details,

Result times for an MRI and an Angiogram?

My first time posting here. I need "medical help" for a story I am writing and would really appreciate any help!

Can anyone tell me... what is the fastest time for the results of an MRI or angiogram to be revealed to doctors? Say someone has been brought into the ER with symptoms of a heart attack and they took him for tests. How earliest would they able to get the results? Is between an hour and two too out of the realm of possiblity?

How about results of blood work that reveals the presence of heightened levels of adrenalin and other small proteins produced by an excited nervous system? How fast would those results come?

I've written myself into a little corner and need to find a way out of here.
Tags: ~medicine (misc), ~medicine: illnesses: heart problems

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