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Motorcycles: passengers, luggage, and safety

So, here's my dilemma.

My character and his daughter (~10 years old) are making a motorcycle trip of about 14 hours. They also need to be carrying an amount of luggage (not loads, they're fairly low maintenance, but at least two backpacks' worth).

What is the best way to orient these people and this stuff to provide for the best comfort and safety (esp. for the passenger)?

I know absolutely nothing about motorcycles, and I'm having trouble visualising where everything is. I've looked at pictures, but I can't seem to find a rider with passenger and bags, so I don't really understand how they'd all be situated, or if this is even feasible.

The character's an experienced rider, and the passenger's an experienced passenger, so if adjustments are needed to the bike/foot pegs (where are those, anyway?), etc, it's really no problem.

ETA: I think I've got everything sorted now. Thank you all for being so incredibly helpful!
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