Michael (mukashi_banashi) wrote in little_details,

Historical Japanese court procedure?

I'm looking for information on court procedure in Japanese history. My story takes place in an unspecified year between the beginning of the Heian period and the end of the Edo period.

What would be the etiquette and procedure for a shogun, or possibly a very high-ranking daimyo, when he is receiving a group of emissaries from the emperor? Would he be deferential to them because they're from the emperor, or would his high rank and power mean they would be deferential? How would he treat them, who would announce them? In other words, the procedure for this kind of situation.

Also, in what ways could the shogun subtly insult the emissaries without being openly offensive?

Any recommendations of books or websites is appreciated, as well as any information anyone here can give me themselves. Thanks so much!
Tags: japan: history

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