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Of Traumatic Events and Cigarettes... though not in the same question.

*cough* Here again, I am. ^^;

1) I am damn near confident I have heard of this certain illness/disorder before, but unfortunately, I have forgotten the name of it. And so, this is where you guys come in! :D

I have a male character, who, at a young age (mid teens, probably), is gang-raped by several men - five, I think. The character in question is extremely independent, with a cold personality, due to the fact that he has been living in solitude since he was a pre-teen. It is because of this, that after he is raped, he sort of loses his mind momentarily and kills four of these men.

Yes, I do realise that this probably sounds very unbelieveable, with a mere teenager slaughtering several fully-grown men, but please stick with me here - this is nothing but the bare backbone of this character, and well, if I were to try and explain it all, I'd be writing this post until sunrise. ^^;; So yes, just go with the flow.

Anyways, my problem comes with this - the character remembers being raped full well (mostly due to reoccuring dreams), but not killing the four men. So, when fate has it that he runs into the man whom he did not kill several years later (late-teens, early adulthood - around that time), and is reminded of the murder, he is, to say the least, pretty darn freaked out.

So... basically, I'm look for a syndrome that is triggured with a traumatic event taking place, inducing partial memory loss, plus where I could find more information about it... or something like that. :\

2) And, as a sort of continuation (only in a not really kind of sense) to this question, a brand of cigarettes easily and cheaply acquired in the States, please? Eh... may seem like a dumb question, but... eh. Just eh. :\

Muchos thankies for any help in advance. :)
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