The Line Rapist (dien) wrote in little_details,
The Line Rapist

Getting U.S. ID/proof of existence?

Hey gang! *waves*

I've got a non-human character (originally an angel) who in the course of his canon gets turned into a human, and at later point in his canon displays a (genuine) driver's license and so forth. I want to write some fanfic dealing with him getting adjusted to human life, but the Little Details ;) are tripping me up. To get the license, he'd have had to display a birth certificate, which he obviously wouldn't have. Looking into what one does if there is no birth certificate on file has turned up the concept of the Letter of No Record, but even that requires the subject to prove ID with other forms of paperwork-- doctor's forms, baptismal certificates, etc etc. This character wouldn't have any paperwork to prove his life, as he's basically entering human existence as a fully grown male.

So. If there was no supporting documentation he could produce, how could he possibly go about obtaining ID and so forth in the United States? I don't know if it matters, but this would be under California law, as the story takes place in Los Angeles.

Much oblige for any help anyone can shed on the matter.
Tags: usa: government (misc)

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