Imrihamun's Electronic Clay Tablet Depository (imrihamun) wrote in little_details,
Imrihamun's Electronic Clay Tablet Depository

Inter-Cultural Marriage (South Indian/African American), modern US

Say it's 1990 and two med school students meet and fall in love. One of them is an African-American woman with a mother and step-father who started a kind of urban-hippy restaurant in the 70s. The other is South Indian (probably Kerala). Her parents don't really care, but I know his are relatively likely to be pissed. Now, my question is...since he is insisting on this wedding, will his parents insist on an elaborate one, or will traditional Indian elements be out of the question since he's marrying a non-Indian? Or is it more likely that they don't come at all and the two (and her family and their friends) have a civil ceremony?

As far as religions go, her family's got that kind of 1970s quasi-Buddhist Unitarian thing going on and she's kind of a hard-line scientist, so she rolls her eyes at it but doesn't mind. His family is Hindu but like a lot of young men in the US, he's not really religious about it. He did grow up in the US, but his parents didn't.

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