Captain S (psychopyro) wrote in little_details,
Captain S


okay, real quick, because my brain's on the frits...

What did they use to cut hair with in the mideival or renaissance time period? This is a fantasy world, so it's not really Earth, but do societies similar to that time period have scissors? If they did, would they still call them scissors, or was there another name for them? If not, what'd they use to trim hair with, a knife?

And I'm assuming razor blades (shaving) are pretty old and likely to be found in an old-ish society and called thus, right? Let me know if I'm mistaken on that point.

Thanks for all your replies in advance :) You know I love ya.

[EDIT] oh, and one more thing.
How do public bathhouses work in something of the same time period I described above? Think roman bathhouses, or something similar for lack of another similie. Fancy, in a big mansion/castle. Did people use them all the time, how was the water cleaned, if it was, what all goes on aside from washing, and are people really as public about being in the water naked as the word sounds?
I really don't know much about these places, as I've only seen paintings and never actually been to one. [/edit]
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