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Catholic Hymn

I have a song. From a book by Charles Todd Quintard, The Confederate Soldier's Manual of Pocket Devotions.

As far as I know, Quintard wrote the hymn; it doesn't state otherwise. There is not listed title; first line is: "I need thee, precious Jesus, for I am full of sin." (At least, that's what it is in the book. In the resouce for which I'm doing this research for, it's "filled with sin.") The song is sung by a very old crazy nun in a play I'm in, who sang it in high school at around 1911, give or take a few years to be sure. Since I am this crazy old nun, and though I know many hymns, I've never heard this one before. Does anyone know it, and if so, do they know of a reference I could get sheet music from, or a recording of the song? I need the tune, now that I've found the lyrics.

Tags: ~music, ~religion: christianity: catholicism

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