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Suicide - cyanide, injuries from bridge jumper, half-ass suicide

Basically I need a successful suicide, a half-ass suicide, and a miracle for one person who should have died, but didn't. I need creative ideas because mine sucks. Here's what I have so far...

I thought about having my first character swallow a lethal cocktail of potassium cyanide, but how would he be able to obtain a lethal dose of it? Where would he get it? What if someone found him not too long after swallowing the cyanide? Would he be in the middle of convulsions/seizure and foaming at the mouth? What would he look like?

Shortly after his suicide, his friend decides to kill herself too, but the attempt is not successful and not as serious as my male character. She wants help, but no one’s willing to help her so she’s using her suicide as a last resort, hoping that maybe she’ll survive the attempt and convince her family to get her some help. If she took 25 or so pills with lots of Scotch, then called 911 shortly afterwards, what would be the likelihood of her not having any serious complications from the suicide attempt? I can’t figure out which over-the-counter med she should use, so feel free to suggest anything that comes to mind. Also, what would her experience at the hospital/ambulance be like?

And YET ANOTHER SUICIDE. I was reading an article about a guy who jumped off Coronado Bridge and survived with "minor injuries". I want this character to survive too, but what kind of injuries would he have? Neck injuries?
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: overdose, ~medicine: poisoning, ~suicide

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